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Postby Tabitha S.M » Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:14 pm

I am writing on the off chance that Dawn may get to read this….fingers crossed (and eyes).

Dear Dawn,
Huge huge fan of French and Saunders! You have both brought happiness and smiles to my life in some dark times, what better times aye to remind yourself to cheer up, laugh and smile!
I too am writing because my local group “The Athenaeum Limelight Players” are performing the Vicar of Dibley this autumn 2012, fun times. The Athenaeum is located in Warminster; Wiltshire, just down the road from Bratton and I live the other way across the countryside in Edington. Sadly I didn’t live in the area around the time you did Dawn but I would have looooved to have had you over for tea or even better one of our party’s!
After confronting a few demons I was back on the stage last year, after around 8 years of being out of the limelight since I was 18. But I have come back with more get up and go and I’m very proud to be Co-directing our performance of Dibley along with our Director Adela Forester-Walker (Member of the Theatre Trust, great work!). I also look forward to directing myself next year with the wonderful assistances of Nikki Taylor, the world is your Oyster and all that jazz.
I am writing to see if you are able to send some inspirational words and some autographs for our fab team of Dibley characters, how cool would that be for them, they‘re all working so hard and we have only been in rehearsals a week!

Love to you both and keep up the great work, oh and if you’re ever in the area the kettles on :D
Tabitha x
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